Monday, November 12, 2012

Tiny Kierkegaard Prepares for AAR

Tiny Kierkegaard, meet John Wesley Bobblehead

It's a busy week here in Durham, what with preparing for the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South, where I work, and flying off to the American Academy of Religion annual meeting in Chicago next weekend. Tiny Kierkegaard (pictured above with his new pal John Wesley Bobblehead) will be accompanying me to AAR, so we'll be sure to post some pictures and thoughts on the meeting next week.

Speaking of Søren Kierkegaard, yesterday was his feast day. In honor of the Great Dane, instead of a new post I simply offer up some favorite lines from my favorite book, Works of Love:

The one who brings love along with himself as he searches for an object for his love (otherwise is it a lie that he is searching for an object – for his love) will easily, and the more easily the greater the love in him, find the object and find it to be such that it is lovable. To be able to love a person despite his weaknesses and defects and imperfections is still not perfect love, but rather this, to be able to find him lovable despite and with his weaknesses and imperfections. Let us understand each other. It is one thing fastidiously to want to eat only the choicest and most delectable dish when it is exquisitely prepared or, when this is the case, fastidiously to find one or another defect in it. It is something else not merely to be able to eat the plainer foods but to be able to find this plainer food to be the most exquisite, because the task is not to develop one's fastidiousness but to transform oneself and one's taste.