Friday, April 26, 2013

Three Word Resolutions: Revisited

In January I wrote some three word resolutions for the new year. I rarely make resolutions, and even more rarely keep them, but this simple exercise helped me step back and set my perspective for the new year. 2012 was a whirlwind, and I knew I wanted 2013 to look different -- to build on the good, and leave behind the not-so-good.

Since I don’t usually keep resolutions, as I said, there doesn’t tend to be much to say about them as the year ages. No progress reports. These simple statements, posted above my desk, aren’t so much a game plan for progress as a reminder of some things that matter to me, though. To that end, here they are again, with reflection on the year thus far.

write every day
I have written something every single day since mid-december. Every. Single. Day. Some days I only write three sentences; most days I write more. Some of that writing never sees the light of day (nor does it need to), but it’s practice. The daily writing means that when I sit down to work on things that people will actually read, those writing muscles are in shape and ready to rock. It’s still hard, but I’m prepared. I’m in training. I’m doing work.

cook real food
I’ve been keeping it pretty simple, and cooking one real meal a week, then eating leftovers a lot. I realized that if I want to focus my time and energy on writing and school right now, cooking fancy meals from scratch was going to slide, and I decided to let it. Pasta sauce in a jar is my new best friend. Lately my lunches consist of wheat crackers and cheese, hummus and raw vegetables, and whatever fruit is on sale at the grocery store. No cooking, few dishes, and a reasonable number of food groups covered. I have oatmeal for breakfast basically everyday. This simplicity helps my writing, because I spend less time thinking about and doing domestic things that -- while I enjoy them -- are a big time commitment.

not kiss jerks
I’ll never tell.

do more yoga
I am able to hold Crow pose again. I’ll call that success.

say some prayers
When someone asks me to pray for them, I light a candle and say a few words. As someone who often feels like I don’t know how to pray, this tangible action, sending a little light out into the universe, helps. If you asks me to pray, I will try.

rock the boat
I think my article about liberal arts education has this one covered for the time being.

In hindsight, my three word resolutions cover most of the important aspects of my life -- work, food, love, exercise, spiritual practice, social activism. Maybe that’s why for the first time in a long time I don’t look back on the early months of the year and see failure. Instead I see myself struggling to live holistically, with intention, and with love. I could stand to do more of that. I imagine we all could.