Friday, May 15, 2015

It's Friday Again

HAPPY FRIDAY! Let me start by saying people are great and my Kierkegaard campaign is almost -- almost -- completely funded. Seriously. A handful of readers could put it over the top, no problem. So thanks. And if you’ve been thinking about contributing but putting it off, now is a good time. Let’s finish it up. You rock. Click here.

Now, links! My internal monologue this week was focused on infrastructure and economics, with some bits about criticism/praise thrown in, and these links reflect that. Here are the best things I read this week:

John Cassidy on transportation infrastructure in the United States. Sobering, and extremely important in light of this week's Amtrak crash.

The Writer as Merchant by Jim Ruland on Lit Hub. Keep a place by the fire for me, will ya?

The Assistant Economy, by Francesca Mari in Dissent Magazine. I know Susan Sontag was incredible, but I'm kind of glad I wasn't her assistant.

Mallory Ortberg on How to Accept Compliments and Handle Praise. “8. Carefully wrap yourself around the leg of whoever praised you like a frightened cat, and force them to drag you around with them wherever they go for the rest of their natural life.” I feel that.

The Complete List of Insecurities by Britt Appleton, which is both funnier and more serious/sad than I anticipated when I first clicked the link. If you need me, I’ll be here worrying about chillness, card games, and current events...among other things...