Friday, May 29, 2015


If you only have time to click through one link today, let it be this one: New Rule by Tariq Luthun on The Offing.

Also from The Offing (have I mentioned you need to check out The Offing?), poetry from Victoria Lynne McCoy.

Edith Wharton on Starbucks is everything you never knew you wanted.

Poetry from Kim Addonizio.

Feministing’s Dana Bolger responds to Meghan Daum’s piece on campus sexual assault the LA Times. Full disclosure: I didn’t read Daum’s piece. The clips I read from it, to be frank, were enough to make me think that reading it in full would make me physically ill. Not only did the content of those excerpts bother me, the knowledge that those comments came from another woman is, I think, what unsettles me further. I am sadly used to men not taking sexual assault seriously. But a supposedly progressive feminist woman? I’m sure you’re getting lots of hits and making waves for being "controversial" by criticizing these young women. In any case, Bolger’s response seems spot on based on those bits of Daum’s piece I could stomach reading, and she makes important points that stand on their own, apart from responding to Daum, anyway.

Tyler Lyle explains one of my favorite songs.

And finally, books: This week I read Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child, and then moved on to YA novelist Sarah Dessen’s Saint Anything. I’m about to start Girl Runner by Carrie Snyder. Getting my fiction in before I head to Kierkegaard Camp, you see.

This NPR piece on books and e-readers, mostly because it begins with a bit about one of my favorite used book stores, Capitol Hill Books, but also because I’m working on a personal essay with some overlap.

If you follow me on Twitter you already know: I’m watching, and live tweeting snarky feminist commentary on, The Bachelorette on Tuesday nights.

I  also watched the last episode of Inspector Morse, and then I ugly cried that it was all over. (That last part is not hyperbole, I really did cry.)

I woke up on Tuesday and though, “Cinnamon Tea Cake would be just the thing for breakfast.” So I baked this, and found that I was correct.