Friday, January 29, 2016

Roundup! Or is it Round Up? Round-up?

Seriously though, I can never figure out the proper way to spell roundup/round up/round-up. Spell check is fine with all of them.

In any case, my computer is sick, so I haven’t been on the internet much this week (don’t get me started on how completely reliant on technology my entire career has become). Ergo, a short round-up of what I’ve been reading this week…

Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elena Ferrante. Yes, I’m obsessed with Ferrante. But if you start reading her work you’ll (probably) see why.

This is what my little sister does for a living. She is brilliant and talented, and her students sure are lucky to have her. (And I think they know it!)

“Girlfriend, Mother, Professor?” from The Stone blog at the NYT. “The problem is that we, as a culture, don’t really know what a female professor is supposed to be. The archetypal professor is decidedly male — rumpled tweed jacket, argyle socks, bushy beard, pipe — and even if it were an option not much in this aesthetic is terribly appealing to a cisgender woman like me. In my more optimistic moments I try to see this cultural void as an opportunity — I’m lucky enough to have the chance to avoid falling into age-old stereotypes and to invent new, more appropriate roles. But most of the time it just feels like a desert. Feminists have been telling us for a very long time that women in positions of authority find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Too assertive or confident and they’ll call you a “bitch.” Too passive or self-deprecating and they’ll think you’re a doormat and unfit to be taken seriously.” I have an personal essay coming out this winter on a similar topic. Look for it in the gender issue of Rhubarb magazine.

Kate Gavino's The Jeff Goldblum Scale of Anxiety over at Catapult is quite possibly my favorite thing of the whole week. I love Gavino's work in general, and I too am an anxious person. Enjoy this, and check out her book, Last Night's Reading. Every page is a delight.