Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day Links

It’s a Snow Day here in Durham, and both Duke and Peace, my university employers, are closed for the day. I’m cozy on the couch, and there’s a loaf of bread dough rising on the counter, but I can’t quite relax. The rhythm of the ice pellets hitting my window warn of potential power outages. All of which is to say, if you’re planning on binge watching Netflix all weekend, it might be a good idea to have candles, flashlights, and BOOKS on hand, just in case. Aren't you glad I regularly list books in my "link" roundup?

Here are this week’s reads + links, while there’s still electricity and wifi to post them...

I started Elena Ferrante’s second Neapolitan novel, The Story of a New Name. The first volume took me a while to get into, but not so with this one. I am living in the world she’s created right now, so vividly that I have to pull myself out intentionally at times because, frankly, this book is darker than the last one. It’s either the best or the worst snowed-in-by-myself reading, but either way, I love it. #FerranteFever continues.

I stumbled on this piece from a while back by Alana Massey, Against Chill, and all I have to add is, yes.

This essay on the Selfie is long by internet standards, but worth the time.

Sometimes I think about moving, and I feel like the person in this piece at The Toast. Then I remember that I am the garbage gnome, and I will never find a more perfect apartment than the one I currently live in, though Marie Kondo will defintely not be asking my advice about anything, ever.

New fiction from The Offing: Ash Wednesday by Eric Boyd.

I finally read Alexander Chee’s Year in Reading over at The Millions, which had been sitting in my Instapaper account for about a month. With so much to read, sometime to choose it helps to ask, what are my favorite writers reading?