Friday, February 5, 2016

Link Roundup!

I’ve decided to go with “roundup” as the official Femmonite spelling, FYI. Now, on to this week’s recommended reading...

I finished Elena Ferrante’s Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. Yes, I am still obsessed. However, I’m taking a break from Ferrante this weekend in favor of the just released The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee, which I’ve been eagerly anticipating for...well, a while. But not as long as Chee himself, given that it took him more than a decade to write.

Speaking of Alexander Chee, here’s a delightful interview he did with The Millions.

This is my favorite response to the CDC’s sexist proclamations about women and alcohol.

You need Haikus With Hotties in your life. They're delightful for obvious reasons, but also poignant in the way the project addresses diversity in pop culture and media representation.

This piece from Dissent magazine is a thorough explanation of a variety of factors relating to why we are where we are with respect to the economics of art.

Yoga for Writers. I’m especially fond of the Form Rejection Pose.

Sign up for The Syndicate Weekly right now and you get a free PDF of their most-read symposia. If you’re a theology person, this is a tremendous resource.

Finally, in case you missed it, I'm still writing a column about The Bachelor, and you can still subscribe.