Friday, February 12, 2016

Link Roundup!

Happy Friday, y'all. Here's your Femmonite approved recommended reading/viewing/etc, just in time for the weekend.

I should probably just have a Rebecca Solnit link of the week every week. Here she is on The Case of the Missing Perpetrator.

LitHub has Valentines of Badly Drawn Authors and they are wonderful.

I think that, regardless of who you’re voting for in the primary, this essay from a young feminist woman who is voting for Bernie is an important read.

For Ash Wednesday: “40 days — time set aside, not for a great purpose, but for a kind of purposelessness, a time for paying attention to our mundane desires, our ordinary longings, the appetites that are so normal to us that we don’t think twice about them. During Lent, we pose questions to our life, to this flesh of ashes, of earth: What is this body that God has created, my body? And how can it be that God loves it, this piece of earth, this clay, this dust?"