Friday, February 19, 2016

Link Roundup!

I read some great stuff this week, friends. Enjoy:

Hands down my favorite thing I read this week was Laurie Penny’s “Maybe You Should Just Be Single.” Penny is one of my favorite writers, and this piece was so on point I am about to scurry off to read it again right this minute.

Summer Brennen took 44 unread issues of the New Yorker on vacation with her, and the results are both hilarious and insightful.

I just finished Season 2 of Mozart in the Jungle. I highly recommend the show, in addition to this essay about it in the LA Review of Books.

Kate Bowler’s “Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me” is heartbreaking, and beautiful.

In case you missed it, Apple’s Customer Letter about the FBI’s demand that they create a “backdoor” into the iPhone.

In case you needed a reminder not to write for the Huffington Post, read their UK editor’s comments about why he is proud that they expect writers to work for free.

Watch John Oliver break down voter ID laws.

Did you hear about I’m not saying I’m joining (see above from Laurie Penny), I’m just saying it’s got to be better than Tinder.