Friday, March 11, 2016

Link Roundup!

What I'm reading, what's inspiring me, what I'm thinking about, what's on repeat...etc. Happy Friday, y'all.

Surprise! I am still reading The Queen of the Night. It’s still good. And I’m still too busy to read it as quickly as I’d like. (If anyone wants to hire me to read books, I’m game.)

Rebecca Traister’s article on women’s friendships is both helpful and troubling to me. I love that people are paying attention to the importance of relationships between women, the power of female friendship, and so on. But the discussion continues to feel to me like, for all its contemporary importance, it’s framed in outmoded, reductive ways. What I mean is this: the discussion is really heteronormative, and, perhaps unintentionally, even a little bit sexist at times. Certainly it risks essentializing gender in a way I'm uncomfortable with, albeit in some ways that I admit also feel true to certain aspects of my experience. Yes, women’s friendships are vital, and it’s good to see that acknowledged in ways it formerly hasn’t been. But the fact remains that some women also seek other women as romantic partners, blurring the neat distinctions I felt in this article between friendship (between two women) and romantic relationships (between a woman and a man). Furthermore, some women, whether or not they prefer men romantically, also have serious, meaningful, sustaining friendships with men -- men who like women, as well as men who like men, or both men and women, or neither (e.g. male-female friendship is not limited to the “Gay Best Friend” stereotype).

The only thing making me write is all I don’t know,” says Peter Behrens.

Post-Colonial Love Poem by Natalie Diaz

Pico Iyer on Annie Dillard is beyond inspiring. "Yes, she reads everything, and cares about books with the watchful passion of a mother lion surrounded by her cubs. But what I had never guessed until I met her was how much she is in love with every aspect of life."

The Real Laww’s latest video OMG OMG OMG. On repeat.